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1 i, PhD in Communication Sciences, Assistant ProfessorandFacultyMember, Institute for Humanitiesand Cultural Studies

2 , MA in Educational Psychology, Research Expert andMember of theInstitute for Humanitiesand Cultural Studies,


Given the widespread use of cell phone  in the Age of Communication, this communication tool is considered  inevitable in families and can function differently (overt and covert) followed  by increasing or decreasing the safety coefficient of the family, This article describes the problems of social security and the consequences of improper use of the mobile phone on families. Based on this concern three major questions are posed: security problems, adverse social consequences, corrected and revised strategies. The method of the research is survey–descriptive. The question nair econsisting of 19 questions is designed by the researcher and is carried out with random sampling. The data required to respond to research questions, are gathered using documents related and analyzed qualitatively. According to the research findings, some suggestions and solutions are offered by the authors.


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